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FISH FOODS Certified Organic High Proten Bulk or Pound


CERTIFIED ORGANIC Pellet Fish Food for sale for your Tilapia, Trout or any freshwater fish.

Approximate size: 1/4" - Can be use for Tilapia fry, Tilapia fingerlings or Tilapia Adults - 32% Protein.  Made of organic grains that float and sinkable.  No need for different sizes based on the size of your fish.  It will break down enough so all size fish are able to consume it.

    $4.79  - per pound
  $39.95  -  10 pounds
 $149.95  - 40 pounds

These items can be purchase at our online store or our new location 
Ask us about bulk certified organic fish food prices.

Certified Organic Fish Food South Florida, Palm Beach County


High Protein Fish food (NON - ORGANIC) 45% Protein
$2.99 per pound or 50 lb. bag for $98

2.2 mm Pellet - Perfect Size for Fingerlings

Other sizes available .6mm - 6.4mm
Ask us about  bulk fish food prices
These items can be purchase at our online store or our location.

AQUAFEED offers floating and sinkable extruded micro-particles

These particles are easy to consume, improving ingestion of key nutrients for growth and immune support, which is a critical benefit at early stages when animals are highly susceptible to suffer from stress and illnesses.

AQUAFEED applies the latest technology in nutrients and manufacturing to increase stability and facilitate consumption.

Balanced formula: AQUAFEED offers highly available amino acids and precisely balanced sources of energy to help ensure protein is used for growth and muscle development.

Additionally, the right balance of vitamins and other key nutrients at each stage of the starting period.

Superior technology: All variables (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc) are precisely controlled in order to enhance and preserve the nutrient content of raw materials.

The extrusion process increases stability in water and reduces nutrient leaching.

By providing a higher value in each feed particle.

Pellet size: 1.5mm

Tilapia, Catfish, Carp, Pacu, etc.

Min Protein (%)
Min Fat (%)
Max. Crude Fiber (%)
Min. Calcium (%)
Min Phosphors (%)
Max. Ash (%)

Other types available Cold Water Fish: Species: Sturgeon (Acipenser sp.), Salmon (Salmo sp.), Trout (Oncorhynchus sp.), etc

Marine Fish: Species: Tuna (Thunnus sp., Euthynnus sp.), Cobia (Rachycentron sp.), Sea trout (Cynoscion sp.), Gilt Head Bream / Dorada (Sparus sp.), Dolphin fish (Coryphaena sp.), Amberjack (Seriola sp.), H. Striped Bass (Morone sp.), Grouper (Ephinepelus sp.), Red Snapper (Lutjanus sp.), Snook (Centropomus sp.), Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), etc.

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