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GROW LIGHTING Aquaponics Hydroponics Gardens


Ask us about other Aquaponics Hydroponics grow lighting fixtures for sale.  Aquaponics Hydroponics grow lights Asheville, Mills River, Hendersonville.  Other grow lighting is available, please call for information.  8 Grow T5 Bulbs INCLUDED.

Offers efficient, high-intensity low-heat horticultural lighting with a Sunleaves Pioneer VIII Grow T5 fluorescent fixture. This Pioneer features an exclusive wide dispersion reflector designed to cover a larger growing area than most fluorescent fixtures. Unit comes with a built-in 120V outlet to link multiple systems together and eight VitaLUME PLUS T5 Grow tubes to provide the spectrum plants need to produce plentiful vegetative growth. Pioneer fixture is ETL listed and includes built-in ballast, hanging hardware, 11' power cord and an industry-exclusive five-year warranty. The Pioneer VIII measures 47" x 25.5" with a depth of 2.25".  Perfect for your Aquaponics, Hydroponics or indoor Gardens

$15.00 ea - 4 FOOT

Our other grow lights or bloom bulbs for sale are not shown, please inquire.

For use with four-foot T5 fixtures like the Sunleaves Pioneers, these high-output Sunleaves VitaLUME PLUS T5 Fluorescent Grow Tubes have a color temperature of 6,500 kelvins to deliver impressive growing results. Each four-foot, 54-watt tube comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Case of 25 tubes.  With Aquaponics and Hydroponics, grow bulbs are better than blooming bulbs.  If you require a broader spectrum of light or more specific, then ask us about our other type of grow bulbs and fixtures.  You may not see it on our site but we can get it.
$39.95 - Bulb and Ballast not included

The Sunleaves Lightwave Plug N' Play Reflector is the perfect choice for growers looking to boost lighting efficiency. The specular aluminum reflector body with dimples is ultra-lightweight and diffuses light evenly to eliminate hot spots. A great value for indoor gardening enthusiasts.  The Lightwave Plug N' Play is pre-wired with a fixed socket that's compatible with the industry-standard common outlet. Unit measures 19.75" x 13.75" x 6.5".

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