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Asheville Aquaponics is located 6 miles from the Asheville Airport, head south on 280 towards Brevard, go approx. 4 miles to 191 south (Haywood Rd) turn left at the Marathon Gas Station, go 1.5 miles and we are on the left - 4021 Haywood Road, Mills River, North Carolina 28759.   We are 10 from downtown Hendersonville and approx. 25 minutes from Brevard and 5 minutes from Route 26 taking the Fletcher, Mountain Homes exit.

Asheville Aquaponics offers you a variety of Aquaponics systems and IBC totes, rain barrels, water storage tanks. Supplies for Aquaponics, Hydroponics, gardens - nursery and aquarium supplies.  We offer much more, organically grown  locally micro greens, organically grown locally produce, organically grown locally herbs, aquaponics starter plant, tilapia fry, organic grown tilapia fingerlings, organic grown tilapia adults, organic grown tilapia breeders, tours, consultations, vertical stackable pots and much much more.  So follow these directions and get a hands on view, education on the beauty of Aquaponics.  You wont be disappointed. 828.393.7777

We are centrally located and conveniently located near Asheville, Hendersonville, Brevard, Mills River, Fletcher, Columbia, Charlotte, Greenville SC, Spartanburg SC,  We have people from all over the country driving to see aquaponics in action.  So come on down and see how great Aquaponics is and how it can help you in knowing were your food is coming from and that it is totally organically grown.  Aquaponics offers you vegetables, protein from fish and comfort with very little work or maintenance involved. Will only up your utility bill few dollars.  You can also put a very small solar panel attached to the system and pay nothing plus you will know that if the power goes out you still have a functional Aquaponics system.  Aquaponics is a perfect little eco system. Just grow organic plants a fish, then eat for free.

4021 Haywood Road Mills River, NC 28759 US
Phone: 828.393.7777 Website:
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